Vitruvian Team

Formerly EMS Solutions Consulting

Emergency Medical Services Classes

AMLS standard certification program sponsored by the NAEMT.  An excellent program for paramedics and all levels of EMS professionals.  Teaches algorithmic approach to differential diagnosis in the field. 16 hours.

ITLS, formerly known as BTLS, is a universally accepted standardized trauma care course and is equivalent to PHTLS. 16 hours.

American Heart Association standardized PALS certification class. 16 hours.

PHTLS as taught and sponsored by the NAEMT.  The standard for prehospital trauma providers. 16 hours.

Advanced Medical Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

International Trauma Life Support

Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

American Heart Association standardized ACLS certification class. 16 hours.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Pediatric emergencies are among the most difficult for any healthcare provider.  This class focuses on prioritization and handling of the critical elements of pediatric care and prehospital treatment.  16 hours.

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Pediatric Education for Prehospital Providers

GEMS is an excellent class to emphasize this often neglected EMS subject who are frequent users of the system. 12 hours.

Geriatric Education for EMS