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The Gator Saver project is an annual University of Florida project to train students and community members in CPR.

In the months to come EMSSC will be organizing group CPR training events for local community organizations at very low costs.

EMSSC specializes in online advertising and product deployment via web resources. Contact us for a proposal for your company.

PocketCPR, and innovative CPR training and rescue product is now available at an extreme discount for CPR instructors. EMSSC will help instructors incorporate the product into CPR classes at no charge.

Dental offices performing sedation dental procedures need specialized ACLS training. EMSSC announces the creation and availability of this exciting new program

Gator Saver

PocketCPR Special Instructor Discount

New Google Adwords and Checkout Services

Community CPR Challange

ACLS for Dental Offices

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